Eye Candy of E3

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Someone’s a little camera-shy.

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Dragon Age II Hands-On

BioWare has taken the ninja approach to unveiling Dragon Age II while at Comic-Con 2010. After confirming the game’s existence earlier in the month, the EA-owned developer has bypassed any elaborate press conferences or exclusive appointments in order to give anyone at the show a chance to see–and play–a brief demo of this highly anticipated role-playing game. Having previously seen nothing more than some concept art, we jumped at the chance to wait in line and see what BioWare’s been up to since the first game arrived last November.

After letting in a group of fans, lead designer Mike Laidlaw took a few minutes to let everyone know what sort of changes to expect in the world of Ferelden. One of the biggies is the method of storytelling. Dragon Age II will take on the style of a “framed narrative,” or a story within a story. Laidlaw cited The Princess Bride Continue reading

Japanese gamers get 3D fighting game based on the popular manga ‘Bleach.’

bleach gameFor what should come as major news to fans of the weekly Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, a game based on one of its popular manga series, “Bleach,” is making its way to the PSP.

According to the latest issue of the magazine, Bleach is being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It will play as a 3D fighting game that uses the now-popular cel-shading art design. While the game doesn’t have an official title, it is slated for release in the spring of 2005 in Japan.

Bleach is one of the most popular mangas currently running in Shonen Jump. The manga has also started to run as a TV anime series in Japan, and an action game for the PlayStation 2, based on the manga, is currently on track for a winter 2004 release.

The Bleach backstory concerns Ichigo Kurosaki, a normal boy who can see ghosts. After his family is assaulted by an evil ghost known as a “hollow,” he and his family are saved by a shinigami, or ghost slayer, named Rukiya. Ichigo himself becomes a shinigami, which is where the game’s story begins.

Gamer’s Got Talent 2

Dance Central
gamer's got talentI started playing Dance Dance Revolution in 2001, but really, stepping on arrows and calling it dancing is like playing Tony Hawk’s Ride and saying you skate. I wanted more, and I found my inspiration through David Elsewhere. I secretly practiced c-walking, liquid, and the Melbourne shuffle in my basement, always imagining the day when I would bust it out on the dance floor. That day never came. I suck at dancing.

Can Dance Central help me? I certainly hope so. I know what some of you naysayers are thinking, “If you want to dance, just get in front of a mirror and do it.” I need more than that. Maybe some crucial pathway in my brain got severed during one of my numerous head injuries. My body starts doing one thing, my brain tries to do another, and my eyes scream in pain from the visual horror. What I need is for someone, or rather the unemotional eye of Kinect, to tell me that I’m doing it wrong. Continue reading

GTA: Liberty City Review

If you’ve already played through 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the formerly Xbox-360-exclusive Episodes from Liberty City. The included episodes–The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony–take place concurrently with the original game’s storyline, and while each introduces a handful of new features, the core gameplay remains largely unchanged. If you enjoyed GTAIV but have since parted with your copy, the option to purchase these episodes together as a stand-alone product is awesome, and even if you passed on original protagonist Niko Bellic’s adventure completely, there’s no reason you can’t have a great time with new boys Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez. With that said, you definitely get more from these episodes if you play GTAIV beforehand, because nods and winks to that game are scattered liberally throughout. Continue reading

Pro Evolution 2010 New

pro evolution 2010

UK REVIEW–It’s been a tough few years for the Pro Evolution Soccer series. After first showing signs of stagnation in 2008, it’s subsequently been overtaken by FIFA in the area it once dominated: gameplay. While Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 doesn’t stop the rot, it’s a step in the right direction. The gameplay returns the series to its simulation roots and the online mode boasts much improved features and functionality. That said, major issues persist, including stilted animation, terrible commentary, and a lack of licenses that have long spoiled the series. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 plays a good game of football that’s substantially different to its rival FIFA, but in the face of such strong competition, it still falls short of expectations. Continue reading

Syphon Filter – Logan’s Shadow

syphon filterWait, are the eyes playing tricks? Can it be? A new release for the PlayStation 2 console???

Well, yes and no – technically it is a new release, but the title has been out for a while. Syphon Filter – Logan’s Shadow released for the PlayStation Portable in 2007 and was widely acclaimed for bringing the adventures of Gabe Logan to the handheld in a stellar fashion. So here we are, three years on, and Logan’s Shadow is getting another look, this time, though on the PS2.

Yep, that’s right, the 2007 game has undergone a graphics revamp and has just been released on the PS2.

The game has the same storyline, the same characters and the same overall elements. It is a single-player experience that starts off with a helicopter landing on a besieged U.S. naval ammunition ship. It is that element that sets in motion a twisting and turning plot that weaves the elements indicative of the lone-wolf-on-a-mission games together nicely. Continue reading

PS3 the new Wii? PlayStation Motion Controller aims to perfect the Wii-mote

ps3Amid an already-good Sony E3 press conference, a time-out was taken amid PSP Go details, PSP games, and PS3 holiday titles to peek into the future at some on-the-horizon motion-control technology. The routine was familiar already: in fact, Microsoft and Nintendo had similar “the future is motion” pit stops in their 2009 E3 press conferences.

Being last, it seemed, would be a disadvantage to Sony. Appearing onstage were two of Sony’s team behind the PlayStation Eye and EyeToy, and the general nervousness seemed palpable. When the prototype device was revealed–a black wand with a glowing purple bulb on top–it almost seemed like a joke. But a funny thing happened: the longer the demo went on, the better it got. Continue reading

Chronos (The Character of God of War)

chronosWho is he:
The father of Zeus
Weapon of choice:
His girth

In the God of War mythology, Chronos eats his children to imprison them in his stomach because of a prophecy that says his children will eventually rise up against him. One of his children, Zeus, is able to escape, only to return to defeat Chronos and the rest of the Titans. When defeated by Zeus, Chronos is banished to the desert, where he’s forced to walk aimlessly for an eternity with the temple of Pandora chained to his back.

Gamer’s Got Talent

guitar heroIt’s been nearly three years since Rock Band hit the gaming scene. You might think the mockery would have disappeared by now, but no. Elitist braggarts, with their real guitars, real drums, and real manes of heavy metal hair, still feel the need to feed their egos. Sure, you might be able to play every Led Zeppelin song with your eyes closed, but guess what; I don’t give a crap.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to play an instrument. On the contrary, I gave three years to my middle school percussion section, but spent 99-percent of my time on the bells, and no, not by choice. I ‘played’ guitar for eight years, but had no desire to practice. I had actually wanted a bass, but my dad said, “Nobody wants bass players.” Never mind the three bands that told me to look them up when I got my four-string.

I want to be a singing, dancing, record-spinning, rock-out machine. Continue reading